Matchmaking An Opportunity to Connect with Retailers Before the Show

What is Matchmaking?

PROJECT TOKYO offers business matchmaking before the show. You will have the opportunity to apply for one-to-one meetings with participating top retailers, free of charge. Retailers will then review the applicants' brand information, price points etc., and decide which brands they wish to meet.

Step1Beginning of December Announcement of
Participating Retailers
The organizer will announce major department stores, boutiques, regional retail stores and top international retailers who will participate in the Matchmaking on the official website.
Step2End of January Matchmaking
Application Begins
xhibiting brands are allowed to apply for the Matchmaking with retailers that matches their conditions and requirements.
Step3February Retailers Review
Exhibitors Information
The organizer will submit the brand information from Step 2 to the retailers. Retailers will review and decide which brands they wish to have onsite meetings with during the show.
Step4End of February Announcement of
Matchmaking Result & Schedule
The organizer will announce the schedule to the brands for onsite meeting.

2019 March Participating Retailers
Last Updated 2018. 12. 12

International Retailers

  • Logo Image唯品会 (CHINA)
  • Logo Imagekimono studio (CHINA)
  • Logo Imageiface (CHINA)
  • Logo Image真理客庁 (CHINA)
  • Logo Imagethe 36 (CHINA)
  • Logo ImageHugHana (CHINA)
  • Logo Imagetalkless (CHINA)
  • Logo ImageThumb Peak (CHINA)

Japanese Retailers

Exhibitors list will open in February.

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